How Is Your School Returning to Session?

As everyone knows, the virus going around has caused a lot of change and raised a lot of questions about the future. A prime example of this is with school starting back. Many schools are coming up with different ways to be able to have school in a safe manner.

My question to everyone still in school: How is your school returning to session?

I’ll start with mine:
My high school is doing a hybrid learning system. Us students are split into two groups where they will alternate schedules (when one group is attending school, the other will be doing schoolwork online and vice versa). We aren’t using lockers this year so we have to store our stuff in our classrooms. We are required to wear face masks unless we are sitting down at our desks.

I probably could go into more details about my actual schedule but I’m going to just leave it there for now. Let me know what your school is doing.


Presencial. Will not attend if proper safety rules are not in place. Don’t want to y’know. Die

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My school decided that it’s going to continue online learning until next year. I kinda like it but sometimes I wish I could ask classmates for help on certain assignments and have a study group like in Sailor Moon :sweat_smile:

Mainly full online for the Fall semester and for the Spring maybe Hybrid / Online.

I wonder how bad the Quaranteen generation is going to be messed up from this.

Like agoraphobia, total lack of wanting to physically interact, type mental issues?

Or are they just gonna go full on balls to the wall YOLO Extreme and say :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it?

All of my classes are Online this semester

Not going to miss the commute every day. So my attendance will likely be better though i can’t predict how attentive I’ll be