How is v2 gonna make sure that a select few don't take over?

So I was just wondering what you guys think v2 could do in order to spread the fame and not keep it collected in a few people?

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i think everyones waiting for v2 so the hype could carry it, but im sure theres some other good ideas in the ideas section


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Honestly, it’s all up to us as creators and viewers to ensure this doesn’t happen. The platform can’t really control what people gravitate to and who gets the most attention.

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I’m not sure, I do believe that its inevitable ?? Not everyone can be famous .

So I looked through the topics and found some posts - I don’t know if they will answer your question, but at least you can see what people have been talking about with regards to ideas in general, discover feature ideas and account growth. Some of the posts have other links too. I hope that they are helpful to you.

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