How is this app gonna manage?

Is it gonna be like wild west Twitter or is it gonna be like Instagram? Will the community be a family friendly place or will other less family friendly things be posted. I’m not only talking about nudes or what ever but just language and edgy or dark humor? How will mods be handling those items?

P.s. loving the forum’s so far, thanks for opening them up, good luck with the app❤️

With love Andrew!


as of now, i do believe that he majority of the moderation/filtering of app content is up for debate (but ultimately for the staff to legitimize).

there are quite a few good topics that address this exact question and give good user input if you want to jump over there and chime in

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Thanks man❤️❤️

Yeah make sure to check out previous forums especially ones answered by him just so you do not accidentally re-ask something and risk your account.

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my pleasure 12 char

Whoops sorry

nah its fine dont apologize, just warning you for the future


Language and dark humor shouldn’t be censored. At that point you can no longer call your creators “artists.”

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