How important is sound for you to ❤️ a byte?

Would you rather hear voiceover, music, laugh tracks or just silence?

If a picture says a 1000 words, how many does a byte say?

As an example does this need sound? Would it be better without the text and a voiceover instead?


for this rather have a voice over


I think audio is super important for bytes, whether it’s someone’s voice, sound effects or music. Especially now that Byte has gorgeous stereo audio, the bytes with music sound so amazing now.


Is the stereo live or do I need to update?

Honestly, I’m just being lazy I guess. Trying to learn animation with Procreate, I need to learn a good way to add audio on iPhone.

Any suggestions?
I’d like to avoid having to do it on PC, as I want to keep the editing to a minimum and have a quicker turnaround.

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I’m not sure, tbh. If you’re a beta tester, then the last app update added that ability, but not sure if that’s been released publicly to everyone yet. I have a hard time keeping track of what version beta testers have compared to what version has been publicly released.

I do all my edits with Final Cut Pro on a Mac, so, not sure what to recommend for editing on your iPhone. There are a few threads about editing software people use, maybe one of them has some good suggestions:

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On the iPhone…I use iMovie… i make my videos horizontal to keep my 9X16 aspect ratio and rotate on the camera app after I export. For serious, iPad / iPhone editing look into LumaFusion.

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