How important is looping?

Before anyone jumps me for posting a controversial topic, this is being asked out of true curiosity.

How important do you all find the looping mechanism on Byte to be? Do you think it is an outdated feature, and that social media & video apps have progressed pass the need for this “vintage” format? Do you think Byte is struggling to keep up with other apps because of it? Do many of you even really care if it is there or not? Give me a response, leave a poll answer, or both!

  • Yes, loops are imperative to Byte and its success
  • No, Loops are not important and Byte may do better without this feature

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I think loops are cool and important to Byte cos it showcases a specific kind of talent and foresight when they’re executed seamlessly. Another cool thing about loops that I like is how they don’t ‘belong’ to just one type of genre. You have artsy loops, comedy loops, animation loops, scenery loops and so on and so forth. They’re a cool, fun little way to creatively express and showcase yourself.

I don’t think it’s outdated cos I always see new and different types of loops and it’s still a valid way to be yourself creatively, for some folks


It’s imperitive. It’s what the whole concept is about for me, and whilst I don’t always make sure my bytes have a good/interesting looping point it’s often the main part of my thought process behind the byte. What happens on the loop? How does this get the viewer wanting to watch around to that second loop and beyond.

Even if I’m doing a catch of life style byte of some scenery I think about the entrance and exit and making that loop point interesting.


To me, loops were everything. I used to want to make every single one of my Bytes loop. But at the end of the day, I think the general population won’t care too much, and I would argue that these days, it’s more of an “enhancer” rather than a competitive advantage.

There are so many videos on TikTok that are like tutorials and other stuff that you wouldn’t think would be able to loop, but the creators are usually super clever about it, so not only have they made a tutorial, they’ve made a perfectly looping tutorial. So the video is centred around it being a tutorial, rather than it being a loop, but it features a loop just to give it that extra “wow”. Content first, loop second.

So my answer is, loops are really important to me because it’s definitely my type of aesthetic, but I think I’m in the minority.


The looping mechanism I don’t see as a drawback. If you showed a byte to someone from your camera roll they’re not getting much out of that. It’s when time length increases that it’s going to become a more benign feature. Whether we are talking loops in the sense of a “perfect loop” or just the physicality of the looping video makes a difference. Just the fact that the video loops and Byte’s tech with it is so good has to be important when it’s short format right?

You mentioned the idea of it being a vintage format but I think it’s more expected on any platform now that if a video is particularly short it’s going to repeat itself.


i chose the second but i dont think they should remove them, but it just seems pointless to me

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@The_Ginger I’m confused, I thought you just meant the fact that a byte loops but other answers suggest otherwise :sweat_smile: get rid of the loop and what’s the alternative? A byte just ends after 16 seconds?

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I guess it depends on what you do? It doesn’t have to be either or. I make beats, and for me it’s important that I loop them as seamlessly as possible. Likewise there are a lot of bytes that don’t loop.


All bytes loop though :thinking:

Like if you compare to youtube or tik tok (ditching the difference in time of vides), where the video just ends and doesn’t perfectly loop/repeat. If Byte were to pick up that format, and ditch perfectly looping videos, would it possibly make the app more appealing and successful? I am just curious, especially with the new users, how much that part really matters to them OR if its more about the communities and safe-havens for some communities, that Byte offer that is more important to people. This is all out of curiosity and obviously I know you know what my answer to this question is.


OK I understood then haha I dont see how it could ever be a hinderence to have looping video but I guess if it’s a “cultural” difference then maybe its off putting? Not sure how though :sweat_smile: I think you have a point here and we’ll maybe see the loop taken away when time extends. For me, I would very unlikely instantly rewatch a minute long video. Id want the loop gone at that length in fact, I’d prefer an auto scroll type feature but then I’d still want a short vid to loop.


Yeah, more just seeing like if the app turns to a safe house for Tik Tokers, and Byte continues to adapt itself to be more intriguing for said users, would they want the loops gone/prefer videos to not loop. And then also seeing how many people are here for the loops (like you and me). @bleach_dispenser


tiktok videos loop


When you say looping I think of a video where the visual or sound in itself looping is imperative to the success of that video. It was made to loop.

Even coming from an old school perspective from vine, I loved the videos that made me laugh where a short sketch or reaction to something would make me laugh and I rewatch those even though they don’t “loop”.

I think looping is a tremendous artistic option to have whether it me comedic or otherwise, but it certainly isn’t mandatory. As a creator, I think you should always experiment with the possibility and do it when you can because it adds a level replayability and it scratches that brain itch the right way.


This is the importance of the looping concept! And generally speaking, not specifically “a loop”. Missing something in a joke or bit isn’t affecting the watchability as much because you know it’s over soon and repeating itself. This is why I think time limit goes hand in hand with this @The_Ginger, the loop lends itself to a short video format but becomes less integral as time goes on. Artistically speaking, in terms of a satisfying loop, this is also possibly going to matter less to the viewer when time is a factor. Im sure there will be times when it is even more impressive that you looped that final few seconds of the minute with the first frames :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@geo aren’t they ended with the profile pic thing? I guess I’m saying the perfect loop.

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I think the forums are probably an inaccurate sampling of users for a poll like this


@CubeOfCheese that’s why it’s sometimes interesting to see the opinions that are here because they can feel so detached from the app


Looping is one of the key things that sets the app apart from the rest.


There is a transition at the end of the video, to when it replays that is not smooth/seamless. There’s always a skip.

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