How I would suggest you could prepare yourself for V2

OEVO maybe a terrible app which I would never use over V2, I was thinking of using it as practice, as a way of getting better at creating content and seeing how people on the app responded to my content. Lets be real its just a cheap copy of V*ne thus making it kind of useful in a way. Plus Dom hasn’t posted in months so who knows this might be the best we get lol. #stillbelieving


i have done this, and tbh i’d really wanna see how you do so hmu with ur username :smiley:


tbh im just using my iphone camera rn and editing them through imovie using jump cuts.Also there is a "vne camera" which alows you to make vnes the original way.

But I got Oevo for like 2 minutes and it LAGS. SO. MUCH. Dom can do soooooo much better, Im excited for what he comes up with! I think he is still hustling to finish it off!


Ik it does right? Im still curious on what format would v2 be…square? Portrait? Both?

My best guess is square/both because thats how most people voted and also logically it makes sense. I mean, structurally it is a lot harder than square but im not sure ow to explain it