How far can I get my YouTube channel?

Hello. I like to make videos on YouTube. I am trying my hardest to get to 1000 subscribers at least. I currently have 130 (as of 3/20/18 1:19 PM EST). I really would appreciate all of your support in getting me at least to 200 or just a few more. Check out my channel and my secondary channel please! Thanks so much :fire:

I can’t give any specific advice, but I have noticed a few things about creators in general.

  • If you try to imitate someone who is well known, people will not like that

  • Don’t be a fanboy of other creators

  • Make sure your voice is authentic

  • Ensure that you are providing something of value, whether it is information or something else

  • Don’t try to be cool

  • Being loud and zany is lame

  • Avoid asking for donations until you reach that 1,000 subscriber mark at least

  • Avoid music unless you really, really need it

  • Don’t pander to anyone

  • Luck and patience are usually important

  • Sometimes great work goes unnoticed, and there is little you can do about that

  • Be positive and upbeat, even when you are pointing out negative events or actions

  • Don’t insult your viewers - ever

  • Talk about stuff you really love

I had a look at a few of your videos and… they were pointless. Not that you shouldn’t publish them. Go for it. But you are not offering anything worth watching. And for the love of God, hold your phone horizontally if you’re not shooting a square aspect ratio. (Kids these days…)

Good luck!


I like to make pointless videos. Some people enjoy it. I know not to film vertically. I try to avoid it. I know not to try to be cool. I know people who do it and that teaches me not to try and be cool lol. Thanks for your advice.

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This is all good advice :ok_hand: except the music? Whaddo you mean by that? Because using royalty free music in your videos (so long as you use it right) adds a really nice touch to them and boosts the production quality massively. A video without a backing track can’t compare to one with a well done score

woah harsh

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Just do your best, put out quality content. Enjoy yourself. I have just over 1000 subs and I act like I have a million lol. And companies notice that which gets you out there even more!


Thanks. It’s hard to keep my channel going.

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It may have been a little harsh but I understand what he means


There’s too much music in everything these days. This is not broadcast TV where you need intros and the odd bit of music. Do we need ‘enter’ pages on websites, too?

Where appropriate, music does make a difference. Christopher Nolan used it very well in Interstellar, IMO. Spin City had a nice, short, snappy intro, which is shorter than some web videos.

A lot of music in videos is just fan signalling.

Aren’t there enough people making pointless videos, though? Do you not have something interesting to say? I’m sure you do. Make videos about those things, in addition to the pointless ones. Here’s an idea: why not take segments of Disney films and insert fart noises in just the right places? Pointless, yes, but toilet humour done well is always funny.

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Intros are bad on most channels, but people know that. Intos used in the right format, and music done well is what I’m talking about. You can’t have media without music. Music is a part of media as much as diallogue and silence are. A video without music is just as poorly done as a video that crams top 40s music everywhere they can. (Also using copyrighted well known music in any form is a bad idea)

I have a secondary channel for videos that aren’t “pointless.” I guess I can use it.

Yeah I used to have an intro. I don’t use an intro anymore.

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