How does byte handle ads?

In general on most platforms, if you’re doing something sponsored, promoting or you got it free, you mark it as #sponsored or #ad.

How is it supposed to be handled on byte? I just made a cookie byte that I used stuff I got for free from a company I work with. I did the #ad but should I have used sponsored, or just not even have posted it here?


cookies looks yummy, im curious as well :hugs: (but in caption put #ad and/or mention its sponsor post?)


I’ve never thought about the logistics of this, I’m glad you brought it up


They were amazing. Great flavor and texture and fun to make. Like a S’more but without the flaming marshmallows and smoky clothes.

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Yeah, the last thing I want to do is come across all spammy, but at the same time, I’ve gotten some cool promotional things are neat.

If it’s off putting, I’ll just leave the promo stuff to Twitter and IG.


I think it depends if the company that gave you the free thing is requiring / expecting an ad on byte. If you just got some free swag and are doing promos for the company because you liked them and not an endorsement agreement, I dont think youd have to do #ad at all, especially if it’s just free product without extra payment?


You def dont seem spammy with it either, so being safe rather than sorry works well lolol. They look yummy!!

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