How do you think V2 will do?

I was thinking about this the other day… how well do you think V2 will do?

I don’t think it will be as symbolic as the original, but i think it’ll kinda be like an app for a certain kind of community (dank memers), but not as publically well known.

I think this can either be a good thing (sharing content with like-minded creators) and can lead to a cult-favourite app like tumblr :tumblr:, or a bad thing (not enough creators/users/audience) and can lead to creators burning out on the app.

What do you think will happen? I’m interested to see how everyone else thinks this will pan out :smiley:

Personally, I hope it’s exactly like the original, back in 2015!! I miss vine everyday :vine::green_heart:


Not exactly sure seeing as not many details have been given but I’m sure it will go well. A lot of people on here seem pretty eager and excited so that’s a positive.


I hope V2 will be just as successful as the original Vine! Everyone on this forum already seems so nice and are ready for it to happen. So if the V2 community stays very hopeful, friendly and creative, I think it’ll be a great app!

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O think it will do excellent!! I think @dom knows what he’s doing and what is gonna make V2 a great app will be the new generation. New stars are coming.


With all the hype over it, it should do great.

I think it will do very well because so many people are excited to make v2 a great app. There is so much love being shared with the development of it.

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I just hope people like logan paul won’t be kn there to take control and wreck it. Honestay vines needs some new stars. A new generation.

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i think the first few months/years many people will be using it

No one knows for sure, I honestly have no clue, I can see it not gaining that much traction if some large social media influencers don’t get on board because whether we like it or not we need them to bring an audience and hope the audience stays for other creators who will then create gain their own mass following and then the site thrives from there, obviously I hope it does well eventually joining the same status as Instagram and Youtube

I have hopes it’ll be successful. Could possibly start as some type of underground community, I don’t think it’s gonna become mainstream as soon as it releases

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It’ll probably be successful because it may give people like us, a chance to be recognized for our talent, whether it’s comedy, editing, dancing, singing, or anything like that


Personally I do think the app will do amazing, aslong as it lives up to the hype

I think is going to do really well! Since there was alot of people who missed the app when twitter closed operations of the app

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I would like to believe that it will do really well, but there is no way I can actually know, but given the community response so far, it looks like there will be a very dedicated fanbase for it. I kinda missed the beginning of the vine trend last time and I’m looking to use it for experimenting with both mini-compositions for music and sketch comedy, so I’m following other’s trends, but I’m looking forward to it!

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I hope it does well I saw a video of an ex vine star and we said that they didn’t give them an email to contact them and that 3rd party people I don’t know exactly who but the 3rd party are the reason why the ex vine stars got thousands or millions of dollars and the only reason why they stopped using vine was because everyone (creators) just moved on to other platforms and acting

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Do hope it would last long

Vine had 200 million active users when it shut down, which is small compared to Instagram, Twitter, everyone else

I think it will do fine, the biggest problem I think would be getting users to come back to vine

I definitely think v2 will be a success. Vine was very small when released in 2013. But after the rise of many artists, vine became a hit. After seeing all the #RIPvine posts it makes me like feel that large audience will be back, just a matter of time.

Ive got high hopes considering the crap ton of rip vine vids on youtube. The platform was also really unique so that just adds to the potential of V2

the thing is, V2 is already getting a lot of hype and with this comes a lot to ask from both the creators and the user. I think my main concern would be that V2 doesn’t go through the same thing that happened to pokemon Go.