How do you think v2 will do in today's social media world?

Since the original was shut down many other social medias sort of took the spot in which it once filled. Short videos with little effort went to Snapchat while more similar content to the original moved over to Instagram. Will v2 be able to reclaim that spot back? As a lot of you know many past users went on to become YouTubers or Instagram content creators so will they return and once again dominate. I think we will see a lot of familiar faces as soon as v2 launches and whether that is a good or bad thing is now sort of in the air.


V2 will reclaim their spot back as the app will be improved and will provide equality to all creators!


I’m pretty sure that v2 will be unique and bring some new features that other apps don’t have. When it comes to popularity, I believe that the app is gonna be huge,and I’m talking about wordwide success,ranking #1 on apps lists,creating a new generation of artists and influencers,all thanks to @dom and the amazing v2 staff. Going a bit off-topic now,but damn, I’m hyped for this :smile:


I just quoted myself to get the badge :slight_smile:


The excitement is mutual!

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Compilations were being pumped out by fans when Vine was around and I never saw a vine comp that wasn’t over a million views. I feel once V2 releases, all those compilation will hit facebook and youtube and the app will be back at the top again.


The difference between V2 and the other social network is that V2 is very unique and special, All the social media in the actuality are the same, with stories and are quite boring. The only who is different is Twitter

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V2 literally isn’t even up for comparison, I know it’ll do great. I mean, the ‘RIP Vine’ compilations must mean something as well as the hype and tweets about how much people miss Vine.

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I think it will decent, maybe not as big as Vine, or contemporary instagram, but it already has a following that is loved by many so I deffs think it’ll be big, just don’t how big and for how long.

i think v2 will do good. it maybe will start off okay and slowly grow into how big v*ne was.

i hope that this time around since we’ve surpassed the time on the internet when racist jokes and toxic humour were all v*ne was and that v2 will be funny just for the lols without hurting anyone.

like @mayabodin mentioned, perhaps it will be just as big because the RIP v*ine comps are all over and have millions of views.


I think it will do great. People have been mourning about it ever since it got shut down and the hype around it never stopped. I have no doubt that it will do great

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I feel like it will do fine. People are down to try new apps. There is room for another big social media app. Just look at VERO, which only failed because it couldn’t handle the volume of users who wanted to try it out