How do you think V2 will differentiate itself from V***

Hi fellow V2ers, I’m sure we all know that Dom is trying to seperate this new app from vine hence “V2” not V*ne 2, I’m just wondering how do you think Dom will try and do this?

i dont know

V2 is being made so the Vs are full screen. There will be teams and more.
You should read this thread.

Thanks my Bro-mans

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I think instead of it just being a place where you upload videos they will pack it with much more content. A lot of people are getting mad because there is no release date, but thats only because they want to make it different and better this time around. If it was just going to be like the original than it could already be made but they want to make it the best it can be before launch. So to answer your question I think v2 will have a more direct way to connect between artist artists and will implement new features and have them be user friendly

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They would have a lot of changes but now we dont know yet