How do you see who you're following & who's following you?

okay so i’ve been looking thru the other topics but when you search followers i’m pretty much just getting posts about how to grow your followers etc and what i want to know is how to see your followers & ppl you’re following?? i’ve been looking thru the app & the faq and stuff and i can’t see anything for it. how do i see them? ty


I don’t think we can do that.


aw shoot

Right now you can only see the number of people who are following you and it’s private. You can’t see a list of who is following you or who you are following yet.

In a future update you’ll be able to make certain stats public, like follower and loop counts.

I’m not certain about seeing your followers or who you follow, but I believe that may be added in a future update, too. The reason is to reduce abuse and clout chasers to make sure that creativity comes first on the app, not follower counts. :slight_smile:


I still think we should be able to see who we follow, personally. It has happened that I wanted to show a friend outside of beta some funny clip, but I couldn’t quite remember who posted it. Having a list of the people I follow would have been way faster and easier


I agree, it wouldn’t be clout chasing to see who you yourself follow.


Yea, lots of other people have already asked for the ability to at least see who you are following, so I’m sure the Byte team will eventually make it happen in a future app update.


Yeah, I imagine. And I don’t think it’s too high on the list of priorities, cause honestly it’s not that important in comparison to some other features

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Yes, there are still lots of features planned for the app, and now that it’s pretty clear the app is going to be a success, they’ll move forward more quickly with some of the most-requested features for future updates.

Agreed, hopefully follower and following tabs are added soon.

Personally I think the follow count should stay hidden. Or else the clout chasers will never leave

When you go to a comment section and click @ it gives you a list of everyone you follow. I’m not sure how to check who follows you. I think that’s just in notifications when they first follow.

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