How do YOU record your Bytes? (Let's talk production)

Do you record using your phone, using the in-app camera? Or do you record with the phone camera and upload the video from the camera roll? Who uses an actual video camera and edits their footage before uploading it? What are the strengths/weaknesses of each method?

So many ways to make content, let’s hear about it


I’ve been playing around with a lot of that. I haven’t recorded with my actual camera yet though because that feels out of place.

Shooting with the in-app camera is unfortunately not great for anything more complex than camera changes. The quality also isn’t too great for me.

Shooting with my in-phone camera works the best. the quality is better and I feel much more free to do multiple takes.

Editing by uploading videos to the app editor works, but I’m not a huge fan of it. It’s not very user friendly to do anything very interesting.

Normally I edit in iMovie on my phone or an app that is similar to such. I like iMovie mobile because I can add effects and cuts and music wherever I see fit.

I just got into editing on my computer. THAT is fun. You can do A LOT with adobe premiere. The only thing that sucks about it is that you have to really set aside time to work on it. It’s not as easy as quickly editing a video on your phone and posting. However, the outcome is a lot more interesting in terms of effects.

:slight_smile: that’s what I’ve found so far


I use a free app called InShot where I can cut together clips of videos and trim them (I usually take with my phone camera first). It also let’s me add audio, effects, text, etc. And I use a Video to MP3 converter app if I need audio from a video or song (which I’ll screen record) to add a sound. I’ll also use snapchat to crop the video I get from InShot because they download square with a watermark lol


ill record from the app itself and i’ll upload (most of time) if i need to add short musics and voice over i’ll use free app called InShot


I use my iPhone and then use an app to edit my video!

I wanna hear your piece cc. @PlasticRice


Mine’s pretty standard in terms of your average Byte user that doesn’t use in-app tools. When it’s something as simple as making sure a shot doesn’t go over awkwardly for another 0.1 second or so, you’re going to need to use at the very least a mobile editor.

Personally, I record using a Canon Vixia HF R400, something I got when I was in the 8th grade. I used to record in Landscape, but then people like @TomWho saved my entire Byte page by recommending I record in portrait. I experimented a little – I record sideways with my Canon now, and then the video comes out sideways, which, after I render it, I go to a website called to rotate it 90 degrees into portrait.

I do all of my editing in Sony Vegas, and I usually browse for background sounds or music using YT–>MP3 or MP4 converters depending on the greenscreen effects I need in a video. I also tend to browse old school video game soundtracks which a lot of people have noticed, especially when I use Earthbound music. Editing out of app also always helps when your bytes are a little loud at times (thanks again, Tom), so equalizing every sound or bit where you shout is easier when you’re using things like Sony Vegas (or, just timing for dialogue in general, always helps the punch line, like when two characters interrupt each other).

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I only have one Byte up and I recorded it with the in-app camera. Unfortunately I noticed the framerate is worse than the standard phone camera so that’s what I’ll have to go with going forward

I studied video production in school and @Nicolette is right about Premiere taking a lot of extra time. I think I’ll only use it if I need to, to make certain ideas work. Otherwise an editing app on my phone would work well enough for quick n dirty vids

I’m not sure when someone would use a proper camera for 6-second videos. Seems like overkill


I use the phone camera and edit in Adobe Premiere Rush. A free app on the Apple App Store.

Background music is from screen recording YouTube. :sunglasses:


Phone, editing using InShot. I will say sometimes I use the in app camera if I need to visually see how much time I have


I use my actual phone camera to record then I transfer them to my MacBook to edit them on Adobe premiere pro :+1:t2:


Most of my Bytes are in the moment, i use the Byte camera and i don’t write anything prior :sweat_smile:

But when I collab i like to use my in phone camera and i edit with the powerdirector mobile app.


I’m part of the phone+InShot club. But I had to get an external mic because the sound quality using my phone’s mic was garbage. A lot of folks will swear by a DSLR, but I’m committed to making it work on my phone. Feels more natural for a 6 second video.


I’m used to shooting video on actual recording equipment, with actual mics. Using my phone with all its limitations is gonna drive me nuts and will take some getting used to. At least I have a better phone now than i did when I discovered Vine. Yikes

Did you get an external mic for your phone? Or do you record audio entirely externally


I used to record with my Google Pixel 2 XL and edit it in Adobe Premiere Rush. However, I recently switched to a Canon 750D. I record in portrait and edit the videos in Premiere Pro. For sound, I use a Rode VideoMicro


I usually record with the stock camera app, selfie style. For shots that require two hands, I’ll build a makeshift tripod and prop the phone up on that.

For editing, I just pop it into Final Cut (iMovie works great too) and splice the best takes together.

Then I export, and start to make a post on byte so I can get a preview of how it’ll look on the phone, with looping and the automatic cut it does. Rinse and repeat until it feels good in the post preview.


Let’s talk pre-production, production and post production :joy:


I’m studying design & production in college so I try and take advantage of the resources at my disposal and make ridiculously high quality Bytes.

For video I like to record on a Canon 70D (18-55mm lens normally) or Nikon G7. I have done a couple on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for fun but that’s just excess.

Depending on where I am I either edit in Final Cut Pro X on my computer or Premiere on a work computer.

Although video recorded on a phone is more natural for the app, it’s sorta been my brand so far to have it look really produced (like other creators like @bigpants or @gopysyk).

Again, all overkill but it’s good practice with the equipment. :grin:


Nice we both be doing production courses :ok_hand:t2: @eisel


I film and edit on an iPhone XR, what do you think ? am i on the right way? is the first time I do this. Thx


How long does it take you on an average to export and edit videos? cc. @PlasticRice