How do you guys collab

How do you guys collab, i mean with quarantine and everything, do you just record videos separately and send them to eachother or how does it work for you guys. Thank you😁


Yup, or I use my telepathic powers to get ideas going with other Byters

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Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat DMs. You just decide who posts it and one person edits it

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Multiple ways you can communicate w/ the person you’re reaching out as @DeCool stated. Also, this includes splitting roles & responsibilities. (e.g. Editing, Task, Script, etc)

I recommend using for sending video files. You’ll send/receive full resolution!

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Guys I want to collab with someone hit me up I’m a film student my insta is k.evin.f

Firefox Send is also good for sending video files.

@kevin.f I’ll check out your page right now. I want to start making music for other byters.

Thanks if you’d like you can check my website with some of my latest work on my insta page

Thank pu guys for the answer, it was a lot of help😊