How do we stop fake V2s?

What up people! I’m on Twitter and I find this on Twitter. image how do we get rid of fakes and have people stop falling for it?

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Spread the cause, go on as many tweets as you can and tell people the truth, maybe even download the app and tell them the truth. :triumph:

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There is quite a few fakes now, as @Jakeup said the only thing we can do for now is make people aware that it’s fake.


It’s full of fake accounts everywhere, Dom and @ v2app are the official ones

spread the word, tell people the only real twitter is @v2app. Report the fake accs for spam/impersonation.

they’ll fade into obscurity once the official app comes out

Don’t pay the fake apps any mind, and report the fake accounts. With little to no talk surrounding them, the genuine app will easily be the most popular and successful.

Just report them lol

There’s so many fake accounts out there, it gets a little annoying to see sometimes

We need to inform others that the account isn’t real

Report them and warn other people to raise awareness.