How do we make Byte more accessible to new users?

If someone doesn’t have any videos of their own, make rebytes appear on their profile as if they posted it. If someone likes one of those videos while on their profile, give them a notification that someone liked a video they rebyted. This way they get the dopamine of getting notifications without actually needing to post. And that will in turn encourage them to post.

I think this is the same way Twitter handles retweets.

I also like some ideas @Lacieyl and others have come up with such as badges. Basically new users get badges next to their names so that we know they’re new. And we can give them more attention to welcome them to the app.

And then there’s the idea of giving new users their own category where their videos appear. And then encouraging existing users to view that category by using in-app rewards. “You viewed 20 videos in the New User category. Here’s 1 star!” Or something like that.


That’s why I think “for your consideration” should be brought back. As for getting notifications on people liking something you rebyte I’m meh. I want to inspire people to create something themselves. But that’s just difference of opinion.


I agree with the necessity of a solid video editing toolkit. It’s important for anyone to be able to jump into the app and have the right tools to make a video that is close to what they have in mind. I think that before Byte goes v1.0, it will definitely need:

  • Clip adjustment/arrangement/management/whatever you wanna call it.
  • Ability to upload music. I foresee some incredible challenges with this one, especially since it’s much “harder to get away” with using copyrighted music these days. I think the team will have to figure out how to handle DMCA requests first (I’d probably just say either archiving/muting the video). Byte beats definitely helps this, and it’s a great solution, but we’ve still got some things to work out.
  • Robust text tools. We’re getting there. I think we’re only missing the ability to customise the text. Otherwise, we have actually already have decent text tools, and I personally think it’s enough.

So what I’m hearing here is that you hope that the Byte team can focus on core video-editing functionality before spending effort on “extra tools” (such as the floaties, GIFs, filters).

I agree that getting a toolkit for allowing anyone to put together a great video is important. However, perhaps that is where we as the people on Byte have to curb our expectations. The app is not v1.0. It’s like v0.2.8. We really are in Beta. We partners are Beta partners. We’re realistically testing out their partner program. We’re very early adopters. And the team is currently quite small and can only take on as much as they can. The alternative is that they stayed in closed beta and we wouldn’t have been able to upload whilst we wait for v1.0. I think I prefer where we are today, where we can upload.

This affects marketing decisions. No one in their right mind would market for a v0.2.8. So I would say curb the expectations here too, because we probably won’t see any marketing until the Byte team and all of their stakeholders (if they have investors, whether it be VC, private, or angel) are happy with the product.

A counterargument to your post would be that video editing apps are so readily available right now. But to counter that back, I would argue that well, you can make awesome videos in a couple of our main competitors apps.

But I do hear you, and I agree with your priorities. But I think we also need to manage our expectations.


I was in favor of it being gone but I would love for it to come back if it only showed new users. If someone new posts a video and has a really good view to like ratio at the beginning (like 30 views and 5 likes or something), then show them in for your consideration tab to really boost them. I think that would be a great idea.

There are so many people in latest who have hilarious content who don’t get the likes they deserve.


Exactly, I wish spotlight was aimed more towards people like that as well but I understand why it isn’t purposed that way.

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we’re on the same page

text tools and beats were the start, but we have planned ideas for trimming individual clips, removing them, crossfading audio between them, allowing audio overlap from one clip to another, and sound effects. these are at least 2 months out before we even start on some of them, because most of the team is focused on a non-creation feature right now

i don’t think we’ll focus on filters or effects any time soon because it’s honestly a ton of work and would prevent us from working on anything else

experimental things like floaties, beats, etc… we have to keep working on those. you never know what kind of new tool is going move the needle. floaties isn’t getting used much but beats are extremely popular. the only person working on experimental creation features at the moment is me, so it’s not holding anything back

the foundational tools i mentioned above are also necessary, but they’re also time consuming so we try to spread them out. and unfortunately as necessary as they are there’s also nothing exciting about them

also to be clear, the 16 second test really only did take about 20 minutes. we changed a few numbers and then put in a check to prevent beats on longer videos. so that one truly isn’t holding anything back :slight_smile:


This is amazing! That’s exactly what I was hoping for!


Just a little bit of “another opinion” to what Dom said, I do also think that it is important to test experimental things in parallel with building core functionality because we might stumble upon the feature that becomes an extremely valuable asset.



Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to respond. It really means a lot to all of us how much you and everyone else at Byte HQ is active within the community and aren’t afraid to open up dialogue with us and help explain things we may be nervous about/not fully understand.

As stated above, the only reason I bring this up is out a love for the app and wanting to continue to watch it to grow. And, as you already know, getting more and more new people to use it consistently is essential. So the 16s part is more a fear of increasing the intimidation for new users to use the app. Especially when things are being uploaded with external editing tools that new users may not feel comfortable using/care to download. I should’ve stated that separately as I did read your response last night about how long it took, apologies for that.

Not to be too redundant, but I love this app and the diversity in the content it brings, and want to continue supporting in anyway possible. I hope this did not come across as arrogant, negative, or accusing in anyway. Truly just want to see this app and community continue to grow into something even more beautiful than what it is now.

Thank you again Dom, for everything you and the team do :heart:


If you want any help for lens or filter let me know


Seconding that, I have very limited database/web development background and would be willing to help in anyway possible as well. Not promising any real skill but am willing to help the app anyway I can.


And I can be their cheerleader


I’m down to join : P


Great topic/thread




I agree with you. I think that it would be a good idea to let rebytes show up on ppls profiles (especially those ppl that don’t have videos of their own). I also agree that getting notifications for a byte that was rebyted is a good thing as well. I remember Vine actually having this function.

We have to keep in mind that as much as we would like for everyone to post, not everyone wants to post. Some ppl just want to come to the app for entertainment purposes (which is perfectly okay). We love the fans just as much as the creators :pray: :blush: :pray:

Like you said, letting rebytes appear on their page, receiving notifications for rebytes (when someone likes (or rebytes your rebytes)) would be a good way for users that aren’t interested in posting to still have the satisfaction of getting notifications. The way it’s set up now, everyone has to post something, otherwise you’ll just have an empty profile. I feel like doing this could be a way to help ppl that aren’t interested in posting still feel involved. I feel like this could slightly help the retention rate go up a bit tbh.

Maybe at default when you install the app, rebytes could appear on your profile, but then if you are a creator and don’t want rebytes to appear on your profile (but you want them to only appear on the timeline like they are currently), you can change it in the settings to not allow rebytes on your profile.


Not only that, but it would help boost creators. I remember the first time I downloaded vine I didn’t know who to follow or how to get more creators I enjoyed. Profiles that were dedicated to just rebyting different creators became great people to follow for me, because they exposed me to new people fairly regularly.


One of the things I found truly as an exclusive byte feature was the floaties, I don’t see a lot of people using them also
Maybe give us the ability to create our own filters or something like that, I know creating filters is hard, but if byte is able to do this, it’s gonna be able to attract so many users


Would it be possible if y’all allowed developers to upload filters or effects similar to beats idea :thinking:


creating filter ideas is really easy. creating a filter platform is not. and IG/snap already have one, with a tiktok one on the way. so it’d be many months of work for something everyone else already has