How do we feel about the aspect ratio

So based on Dom’s tweets, it seems the video ratio is now full screen or 16:9. A lot of us wanted to keep the old 1X1 ratio. Any thoughts?


I haven’t heard this… Do you mind providing a source?


thats interesting, tho he did mention it being an old work-in-progress but tbh i dont really mind anything

Hey, the only info and discussion we have about the aspect ratio is pretty old but it’s on this other thread. Please head over there to continue the discussion and share your thoughts :+1:t3:

Also go vote on this poll Dom made about it as well

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Personally? I think the larger ratio looks great on the new phones, but I’ll be curious to see how the UI is incorporated

I don’t really mind to be honest, it would be quite nice to watch videos full screen or have the option to change between the two