How do we feel about old v***rs reposting their old videos/content

I have been wondering how many old viners will end up recycling their old videos… Is it a good thing? Or a bad thing? What are your thoughts?

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Should have a fresh clean start for everyone. Just a thought…


I think they shouldn’t do that. however, this led to another question I have: should old vines start with their old followers or will they start fresh too? I’m guessing they would start fresh bc it’s different servers and all. what do u think?


Maybe they go remake the best ones! We’ll mix fresh content with “innovation”


i think they should definitely start fresh! it’s supposed to be a new social media, so their old content and followers should stay on the other platforms :smiley:

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I think reusing old content is lazy. They should have to put in just as much effort as the rest of us.

I mean, they might do that. Not ALL sof their old vines, but the good and quality ones.

I think its okay for a throwback, but V2 should really be about creativity and new ideas!

Yes, exactly.

I doubt it, most of them are big stars on other platforms and can just tell their followers/subscribers to follow them on vine, next thing you no Logan Paul, King Bach etc are starting of with 2mil

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