How do I reload the mix page?


Hello I have been using byte since its launch but I don’t know how to reload the your mix page on tiktok you tap the for you page word and it reloads but how do you do this on byte

Hey, welcome!

You swipe down from the highest Byte you can be on on the Your Mix page.


Does that mean I have to go back up to the first video on my page?

You can tap the “Home” icon on the bottom left corner to go straight back up to the top! Then swipe down to refresh.

But can I ask, why do you feel the need to refresh the Your Mix? Like the FYP, it was designed for endless scrolling (I’m pretty much asking for feedback on the Your Mix and if there’s anything that we can do to make it better)

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Hi I want to refresh because I’m just seeing Endless copies of the same video. Also when will there be a private account/private video feature♥️

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By the way thank you♥️

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That’s super weird, that shouldn’t be happening. Hopefully someone is around to have a look at that :slight_smile: @dom you know I hate tagging you.

Unfortunately the Byte team is trying to keep up with a whole bunch of features, and this is what they’re working on right now:

found here:

So honestly, I can’t comment on private account or private video features sorry :frowning: But if it’s something you think could be useful, please do request it.

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Yes I’m in the beta program so I have commented that and requested thank you for all your help​:heart::heart:

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