How do i learn that I'm on the beta tester list?

Hi guys. I know it’s late for asking that :sweat_smile: but i joined beta testing from Twitter and i feel like “do i writed my e-mail correctly? or do they accepted me?” so i am curious about that and feel uncomfortable. how do i know it?

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hello there

if you filled it out correctly, you are guaranteed to have a place on the beta on the 2nd wave :grin:

we arent sure when the emails will come out. so keep a look out!


huh okay thanks :+1:

They will be sent out via email. So keep a lookout !

Will there be another opportunity for people who missed out on signing up to beta?

Yes dom has said there will be more chances

When was the last signup? Was there one yesterday I don’t know about?? :anguished::anguished:

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Hello there!

As of right now, we have 3 beta signups. One being the original forum post. If you made your account before the day of the post, and posted a reply, you are assured to have a invite coming your way sometime relatively soon. The second being the 500 user twitter sign up, super relaxed and all you had to do is put in your email. Third being the second fourm signup with the same requirements as the first.

Hope this answers your questions!

-Forums team :grin: