How do Content Creators get Noticed Besides the Making Friends Thing?

I get that you have to make friends and have ambition and patience and what not but it there really a secret to how all these overnight sucess(s) happen?

No point to this, really. I’m ready to work for it cause that is what will keep me motivated. I’m just curious about how it happens.

I found a thread to answer your question, extremely helpful.


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tbh tho :joy::joy::joy:

thank you! but i meant more like an instant fame thing and its more of a hypothetical. i’ve read this topic though and i agree, it’s really helpful.

There’s usually a lot of behind the scenes work of overnight successes that you’re not aware of. If you’re talking about an anomaly like the “Catch me outside” girl, it seems like that’s all luck and capitalizing on it after the fact.