How did you come up with your username?

How did you come up with your username?


I read it on my identity card


Well since I’m Adrien and I’m an Acadian I decided to make a pun out of that :joy: although I know no one gets the pun I still love my username lol


Back in 2013 and made a YouTube channel known as “The Factoid.” But I didn’t want to just list facts, and I learned the definition to ‘factoid’ is also something that said so many times people just believe it to be true. So in order to not have to change my logo (which was the letters TF) and to confuse my audience too much, I picked two words that were also starting with a t and an f, and went with Think Fact.


Well I could go into the abyss that was my mind in 2013 when I was 11 but simply put I wanted a name that sounded different and represented being different. And to this day (even though shadowminer is totally a minecraft name) it represent doing things most people don’t do and succeeding at it. Also the plus side to my unique name is no one has used in in hashtags much so I have a hashtag and little corner to myself in many search results.



omg! Best response yet!

It’s somewhere on my birth certificate


A friend did while I asking if I should be jeremyrgee or jeremyrg

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okay mr TV have a good day!

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i checked my birth certificate

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My real name is summer and I love cats. And I mean sometimes life’s a bummer. :joy:

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Quite honestly, RedWolf goes back to when I was a kid. My cousin and I would run around outside and play games, and we also used to play Minecraft together too. Then one day he looked at me while we were playing a spy game and said your now agent RedWolf. :man_shrugging:t3: It’s stuck with me ever since then. I use it for all my social media. Reds not even my favorite color. But now it is a color I’ve become very fond of. :slight_smile:

Ps. Also 1997 is my birth year so yeah. Lol

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i would say its my name but someone stole my name


My mom came up with it, actually


Lol i don’t know :thinking::thinking::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette:


Was born in Canada. My last name is Kryger. The way you pronounce it in French is “Kru-Jay”…moved to the states when I was really young. Americanized it to one word “Krujay” and boom…that’s how Krujay came about!

My name is Nikola, so @ Tesla was just fitting for the meme. lol

You’re welcome.

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LMAO CORWIN (ps it was corwin who suggested it)

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