How dark can we get?

So I took a step back from posting because I was sliding back into my dark humor when thinking up replies to people. I don’t wish to offend anyone, I’ve had a hell of a life involving depression, drugs (prescription only), alcohol, and abuse. My default is “F*cked Up” and I go from zero to 60 pretty quickly.

If this post is offensive, please feel free to remove it, but I haven’t seen anyone else diving to the depths that my brain defaults to. So the question is, how dark can we go? For reference, I never make a joke about something I haven’t personally experienced. Humor is my only coping mechanism that doesn’t leave me a shattered husk of a human drinking the void away. It was when I turned my back on that humor that my issues developed into debilitating.

Any info? I’ll be more than happy to sit quietly to the side while the forum continues to chug along.

Kane out.


Friend I have people very close to me with those problems that you have had, if at some point you need to talk I can help you, I do not live it but I repeat to you I know quite what happens.

By the way the posts can not be deleted, I do not know if any expert or moderator could. But do not eliminate it, I have wanted to eliminate one because I have told personal problems that I have, but one answer made me see everything differently

“Do not be ashamed of who you are”

That’s why I left it.

Information? Nothing new around here.

I think if dark humor IS allowed, there should be a trigger warning and certain disorders, abuses or events should not be joked and normalized. Some people do not respond the best to dark humor and it kinda makes people uncomfortable as well. Try to respond if you can neutrally or on a lighter note.

In my opinion, I am not fond of dark humor.

Hope your life gets better. Thanks for sharing your story Kane

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Read that lol

I don’t have a problem with dark humor I mean there are some things that I guess would be too far but if people start telling users what they can and can’t joke about then I mean, that’d be kind of unfair. If I don’t find cheesy skits funny then should all cheesy skits be banned too? I also find that it’s not perceived as negatively if it’s a joke teasing at a collective rather than people cause I mean that’s just bullying, (unless they’re a public figure).