How can we stop Bots on Byte 🤔

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Bots / Spam Accounts on Byte at the moment.

I really hate when I post a video and all of a sudden I get spam on my video.

I was just wondering if anybody else is going through this same issue and does anyone know when the Spam madness will stop ?


I just delete or remove their comments.

What you can do is to report the account.

I am sure lots of these bots are being removed.


We’ve had the main purge of bots. Some people are just desperate, but there are a few bots left so be sure to report them


block and report whenever there is obvious abuse is my usual method


Some of them aren’t boys, sometimes they camp on the latest waiting for the user to upload (assuming)


There really aren’t that many bots. There are some people with accounts who post spammy comments, but, compared to the first few days after the app launched, I haven’t seen many spam bots in the comments of my videos or other videos in my feed.

I just get serial follow/unfollows mostly from an account called funny70 (before that it was from an account called funny69).


nah people literally just like all the latests posts in a hope someone will return a like on theres.

it they don’t even watch the videos so on the latest their is vids with 0 views and 10 likes lol.

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Funny70 keeps follow and unfollowing me as well. I just ignore that user. One day, he will get tired and stop


lol! same here!

my question , as i’ve been wondering since release , people usually complain about “oh i get no likes blah blah” now we have people complaining about getting likes lmaoo , granted some can be bots , byte has a latest page for a reason man , never really seen people complain about love being showed but hey everyone’s different i guess .


I dont really complain the likes. I cant use the likes to pay my bills. Lmao. For now, i just want to create the videos for fun and makes people laugh. Also make some friends. Thats it.



He likes and follow this thread


I’ve noticed the same thing. I get excited from the first 5 people to like my bytes then I realize they’re just people who follow literally everyone’s bytes.

There are a few accounts that instantly like as soon as you post, and you look at their accounts and they have a couple of bytes with loads of likes because of all the users their bot behaviour brings to their page. They don’t share videos and they’re getting likes unfairly. I report them but nothing happens. It makes it feel a bit pointless posting this app when people can just game the community.

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