How can we help V2 be successful?

How should we promote V2?

Where can artists practice making 2-6.49 second looping videos?

Instagram? Is there a list of resources for making vids?

Can the community help develop anything related to V2?

I am a new software engineer and would volunteer my time to help. I really liked the interactive wario-ware like vines where we had to pause it at a certain time to ‘win’, or things like finger waggle or shampoo commercial hair blow

Will we get anything like an API or weird stuff like javascript poetry? A way to connect videos like a ‘choose your own adventure’ would be cool.

How can we help? I miss v*ne and want to help bring something like it back!

It’s gonna be successful anyway because it’s a new, improved version of the old app.


Everyone is excited because they think they’re going to get their second chance at getting famous, people will flock to it the day of the release. It’s gonna do great.

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