How Can We Attract More People to Byte?

In the old Vine times we organized „Vine Walks“ in my community here in Germany. This meant that we had a multiplication effect


Good idea


There’s only one thing that can make Byte a spread out phenomenon: SHARE with your friends, but only THE BEST CONTENT.

Everyone has their own sense of humor, but you probably have sort of the same with your friends. If you find something funny, and think your friends will too, send them the link. People need to see they can be entertained by people on the app, and if you find those bytes that will cater to their tastes, that’s the best way to go.

Another similar thing is Byte Compilations. I personally have only found one of them so far that I would be willing to share with friends (no offense to anyone making comps, I just feel a lot of people prioritize being nice to creators than actually putting together good content that might make people fall in love with the app)

What I’m trying to say is: find a byte compilation that you think is good. Really good. Think if it’s something that your friends would enjoy enough to make their perception of the app good. Then share it. Personally, I’m looking for more compilations with this sort of humor behind it

I haven’t been able to bring people to the app yet (my country still doesn’t have it), but I’m already collecting links to show them when it’s out around here


Good ideas @LittleDewDroplets

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Agreed 100%, getting your friends involved is next level. And the compilations thing is also super well thought off. We just need more people doing them :sweat_smile: and more bytes being made. The golden ones will show themselves eventually, I believe in the community.