How can we as a community help each other get big on

I am absolutely gutted by the postponing of V2 however I don’t want it to stop me from continuing on my goal. I would really like it if as a community we all helped each other apps such as and OEVO! It’s going to be very difficult starting from scratch on OEVO and but I am confident we can all give each other a solid foundation by liking, commenting and sharing each others videos! Some of the other members of the forum have created a group chat an ENGAGEMENT GROUP on instagram so please join it so we can all make sure to follow each other on these apps and like and promote each others content. Thats the best way we can achieve success and get noticed. Thanks Guys! Love you all!!!

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Are you referring to the same engagement group you posted about here?

Because if so, please refrain from making multiple posts about the same topic!
I feel as though there are already several posts about this same engagement group and I’m glad you guys are excited but one post should do the trick

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yep man definitely we need a working engagement group to be succesful

The best way to “achieve success and get noticed” is to make good content people want to see and promote yourself. Otherwise, be really cute looking and wear very little clothing.

I’d like to join this engagement group on Insta, how can I get in?

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Drop your insta username and join brother!!!

Alright! Mine is @dxntes

We would like to join if possible! Our username is @jakeandsunshine