How can I stop getting notifications from this forum?

Is there a way to stop getting other people’s messages or questions?

Maybe look in your profile, go to notifications and there will be an option

Turn off all notifications in your settings

Oh that’s true

Thank you

or change your notification setting on each topic, there are 4 settings “normal”, “tracking”, “watching”, and “muted”

I already got it covered but thank you though. What is this forum really for? And don’t tell me there’s a section for that please it’s annoying I just want someone else to tell me

@kaden can you answer my question

the forum is for ideas, and meeting new people/artists of v2. aswell as just having fun with people who share the same excitement as you for v2’s release

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@kaden Oh ok hey follow me on twitter maybe we can create content for v2 let start our own group for v2? What do you say

@kaden I followed you on twitter and said what’s up