How bytes are located in the different channels?

Because I find a little bit of everything everywhere. :upside_down_face:
(sometimes it makes feel useless to go into the channels)

When you are going to post a byte you can select a proper channel where other byters can find it later, together with similar ones.

This depends only by the user choice? So potentially, a dumb user can post anything in “wrong” channels (i.e. comedy or sport posted in pets, art, chill)?
Or there is a kind of filter that helps to lead the bytes to the better channel?

Btw, I know everything is slowly improving, thanks to the devs for the efforts! :100:


Agreed it’s a problem, going through the channels it feels super random in what posts are put in certain places. Hopefully over time it will get better but I’m not sure what can be done because people self select what channels they’re using.

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There’s going to be moderation, the problem has been mentioned before and staff is definitely aware of it. The issue is that the content is self-categorized, so people are likely to post it in the popular categories even if it doesn’t belong. Hopefully when the team has more time in their hands without the spambots, this can be handled properly


Wondering about that? Can your one account post your content in selected categories relating to that category .? I love say art/ comedy/ pets which I could create content for …are we open to that choice ? or do we have to stick to one niche and open another a/c for different topics?

What I meant is that we can choose our category (there is the button), but I am wondering if this user choice is also the final one or there is any kind further filter.
Of course a single user can post bytes of different categories, the point is, he is doing it correctly? If not (messing up the channels) there is/will be any kind of automatic filter that incorporates the bites in the proper channel?