How are we going to make byte trend?

I pIan on making singing videos as does my friend to and aIso some weird quirky content because I am naturally Iike that


Are you asking how the app is going to trend or yourself


but he did make a point if the app doesn’t have a face aka someone that makes the general public be like omg who is this lemme download this app then nobody will like it so i feel like the app will be big if the people inside of it post quality content / or are hot lol


no the app

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fr real it’s all about the that and I got taIent not that so hopefully we can change that with this new app and if we see talented people who aren’t being recognized we help them

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don’t worry and don’t jinx it the app will do great cause it’s gonna have future legends like me cause the thing with internet stars is that they are cringy and disgusting


i am a legend and i just know that byte will be my big hit i just hope that i don’t become known for doing six sec loops on byte cause that would make me tank and be a moment in time and i dont want that i just want to get better

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since this is going to be a new platform we can make a difference and get people who actually have a meaning behind why they want to be a public figure/ singer/famous a chance to make their dreams come true

no I am a guy

oh so you dont like girls ?

anyways i wanna hear you sing ! do you have any yt vid or drop something on the forum so the fellow byte legends could see it


yeah I do

anyways as i was saying sing something and show me !! i love looking at new talent

here’s a video I am still practicing and doing vocal exercises to get and when I ge big will get a vocal coach and I am planning on going to JuIIiard and be a vocal major to get the teachings I need to get better and evoIve

this is… good youknow this is good um um. Um you know practice makes perfect as the great dua lipa once said but ummm yes practice and reach your goal i trust you can be the next reaction video or the next jay z

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thanks :slight_smile:

Yah they will have to make the app grow naturally not just promote it overtly or make it gimmicky or it will probably fail like all the other copies


Don’t worry about making byte trend on internet, everyone who love byte will contribute by sharing everywhere! If you want become trending on byte, sing, do covers, show us your beautiful talent, im sure you’re a good singer!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


make trendy bytes… that are very entertaining/amazing

And since the bytes would have a watermark with the “byte” logo on it… People will definitely wanna check out the fiasco.

Soo in the end, sure the byte team would do thier own promotion of the app, it is also up to us to produce the engaging content that people would wanna see! :smiley: