How are the people from the community?

I apologize for my inactivity yesterday, I had complications in the day and resolved them sleeping hahaha, but today I woke up much better and with more energy. Can someone tell me what happened yesterday? I read something about the date of V2 but not much, I repeat that I was complicated
The one that can summarize me and explain what happened I would really appreciate it, how was your day yesterday? Did something interesting happened to you?

I already prepare 5 post for today with questions and those things, I wish you a good start to the day :heart:


@dom tweeted out about the release being around summer and the beta being soon. Apparently they’re in very limited alpha rn as well.

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Wait it was actually the official v2 account, sorry

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Im so glad ur better

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Oh that is awesome

Great, Thanks for the link :laughing:

Thanks bro!

Ur welcome!

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