How active are you on other social media?

Just trying to know the averages


I usually post on history but not many pictures. Only when I go out and hang around with my friends.

I’m mostly active on Snapchat

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very active on instagram

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Im active on twitter tho and snapchat but not very

Very active on Snapchat and Instagram, moderately active on Twitter

Personally, it’s a sun up to sun down thing for me. I started using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for my brand one by one in order to get a “hook” on each of the platforms.

Twitter was the hardest to “get into”, but once I wrapped my head around how people communicate on it I found myself spending the most time there. I believe Twitter is still a VERY great way to stay in the know about what’s going on in the world, AND instantly get into convos with people all over about it.

Twitter is most common for me. I use it to tell jokes mostly. Then snapchat but just to talk to people, not stories as much although I’ve been starting to post on my story more. Once again it’s to tell jokes and stuff. Even though I have four Instagrams I post on them the least though.

I check all of them every day unless I’m busy

I’d say I’m mostly active on Instagram, I mostly just use Facebook and snapchat to look at stuff, don’t do a lot of posting on those two.

I’m active on Twitter :twitter:

I should be more active.

Its depends, In instagram iam very active and in twitter too but in Facebook I barely remember that I have it

In the end, we all are vey active on Instagram and Twitter

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Tbh once V2 comes out I may never use my phone for anything else :blep:

I use Snapchat a lot, very little Facebook & Twitter, & a lot of Instagram. But once v2 comes out I’m going to use Instagram much less

Not very. Really should be.

I’ll admit, I’m borderline addicted to Twitter. It’s filled with strange and obscure type of humor, similar to the type of comedy or strangeness I’d like to upload to v2.

Extremely active on Snapchat, moderately active on YouTube and Instagram, and somewhat active on Twitter and Facebook.