How about this?

now whats our problem?
we want a platform for people to find our vines
the vine alternatives are crappy

i think there is a solution to this

all we need to do is to separate ourselves in a good platform

how about we create a separate hashtag just for our vines in Instagram and we’ll run a community managed official page for this hashtag which would act as discover page/trending for these vines

this should at least work for few months in which we could get some decent amount of following

i did some research in hashtags , #v2 already has like 100k post and nearly everything with term vine is overused

so i’m thinking about #vv2 , its easy and only has like 500 posts

and hit me up in instagram @krishtalclear about the discover/ trending page if we’re going on with this plan

what do you guys think?


Pretty cool idea, y’all could use the vine camera to get the 6.5 second videos, save it to your phone, then upload it to instagram with that hashtag.




I like the way you think!

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Thats not a bad idea at all… But the problem is who’s going to start up the page? Will people definitely contribute??