Hope & Staying Strong

Hello forum. So in the light of Dom’s recent announcement, it’s important that I address this. There are multiple reasons why we should not give up.
Dom is obviously working very hard. We can all acknowledge that the team is avidly passionate for this app, but they support it themselves! Think of it like wanting to be a Youtuber, but not making enough money to support yourself and keep your fans happy. That’s what their reality is.

Reasons for the fact that we should helping and staying active is : We are a community. We’re not just here to find info. We are simutaneously here to help the app and support its growth and progress. I know that our belief for the developers will make a change, No matter how long it takes.
Anyway, the most important to some, If we stop our support and encouragement for the app-
V2 will never happen.

When I first found about V2, I was ecstatic! I was overjoyed with the Idea that something so beautiful and amazing that was too easily taken away would be brought back. I found the forum, read a bit, made an account, & now I’m here. I really enjoy this forum and I really, really want this app to thrive! I mean, lives could change! People could be happier! So many good things can come out of this!

but we cannot lose Hope in V2. It can happen, despite everything that is going on. But the only way is to be supportive and hopeful. Hope to see you guys.

I hope I helped.

Thank you.


Exactly! And people need to know, that V2 is DELAYED, not cancelled! It’s gonna come eventually! And I know people are disappointed, but we can’t lose hope! He seriously needs to start a gofundme though. People are more than willing to help!


I just read dom’s announcement and still I believe it can happen. V2 is still a possibility but we should stick together and don’t loose hope. It isn’t impossible, it will just take longer.


Bro v2 was a side project anyway - it’s not his no.1 priority rn. Obviously there is gonna be some postponing.


Agreed 100% :black_heart:

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