Honest feedback: What am I missing in this? (unedited)

Steven Musielski (unedited rant).

Please feel free to tell me what and where I may be wrong in any of this: I will not take it personally promise.

I think creativity first is trumped by the need for ad dollars or some other creative income to provide sustainability 5-10 years out or there will be the risk of another sale for founders to cash out again as Vine did.

Bytes creative brilliant move: (it is no secret if you look me up I have conservative leanings that are not popular on Byte): I doubt this was done to draw in conservatives but if so? Brilliant. I think some ad dollars that come in will be tied to the idea that Byte is not allowing private messaging and that keeps children safer here than on other platforms. I think that was a creative move on Bytes part. Why? Good luck taking that function away from people on social media platforms now.

This leads to my core question: Do you think the most important definition of “creativity” will be the way that the people that can write checks to Byte define creativity?

I think creating a community that draws in add dollars is important to Byte. Clearly advertisers looking to target EARLY social media tech adopters have few choices to run ads today.

Honest feedback? (Please do not fear being critical of any of my points):


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If your concern is that getting monetized isn’t creative, well does instagram, snapchat, and facebook offer a monetization program for anyone of any number of following? No, it does not so the partner program itself is pretty unique. Thus, it is also creative. Money is a really neat feature on this app, but it’s not the core value of byte. If anything, the partner program will be an incentive for people to make creative content. Take a look at youtube. Their monetization program is really the only one I can compare with bytes and roughly 300 hours of content is posted every hour on youtube. Some, not all, want to get into that program so they push themselves to make creative content and build a following. So no, the partner program will not destroy the idea of “creativity first”, but it’s actually going to elaborate on that


I hope I did not come across as though the Creator Program was a waste etc. I think it will be a great test for the community and for the creators.

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