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I know I haven’t been that active in the forums and on byte lately, but my question is am I even relevant? Lol, like would anyone care if I quit tomorrow? I know some of my friends on here will say “Yes of course we care” but for anyone else I don’t talk with on the regular, does it matter if I’m active to y’all


Dude… we don’t even talk. But I follow you for a reason I don’t follow many creators back.

But I’ll say you’re relevant if you need a break or vacation you can do so. Return when can but no pressure :zap:

Sending positive vibes to you :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think i’ve come across your profile yet but I will definitely be checking you out now. I really don’t think you should leave the app because now that I know you’ve written this, I would be sad to know that you think this and actually want to leave for realsies, if that makes sense? Breaks are always good but just know you do have genuine support here in the byte community. I think being active is one of the more important parts but I hope this isn’t feeling like a job. Because that may be you are burning yourself out. What I try to remember at the end of the day, is to have fun. If you are having fun making the content you make, and you’re proud enough to put it out, then I’m sure there are people watching you and they WOULD notice if you stopped. Trust me! I’ve taken a break, and people do notice. Hope this sort of helps. You just gained another supporter w me! If that counts for anything! So just rethink your decision, you’re part of the byte community dude :balloon::wink:


If it’s burnout it’s not coming from byte, it’s coming from my job. I’m not quitting I’m just wondering

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Appreciate it fam, work just got a brother tired

Don’t ever count on people you’ve never met, and haven’t done a thing for you, define who you are and what you want to do with your life. If you want to post something, do it because you like it and it makes you happy. I don’t know you, but I’m here to tell you that loving yourself will get you further. Take a break if you’re burned out but don’t let people stop your creativity, your bag :moneybag: or your confidence. Following you soon! Stay blessed and stay safe. :full_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face::crystal_ball:

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Here’s an honest answer:

No. It doesn’t matter if you quit to me. It wouldn’t matter to me if the top people like Kevin Saxby or snackteam quit either. Yeah, I love their content, but the reality is, as an average viewer (and with the app growing as it is), it doesn’t matter if any creator leaves, because even if you are relevant, another creator will come along and fight for that spot.

In this era, there is no shortage of creators. There are so many (too many) people that are trying to “make it”. Even if the top 100 creators were to leave Byte today, another 100 would replace them.

Maybe at the end of the day, you can’t ask whether you’re “relevant” or not, but ask more “is doing Byte worth it to me?” Do you get fulfilment? Enjoyment?

Summary: From the perspective of an average viewer, no they wouldn’t care. And why would they? If I disappeared today, no one would notice nor care either.

With that being said, I wish you luck.


Honestly that is how life works, but I wouldn’t say that apply in all instances. Say ryan Reynolds quit acting you can’t really find anyone who brings his vibe, but I do agree with you to a point

Thank you for your kind words :blush::white_heart:

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If Ryan Reynolds quit acting, there will be someone else to fill his spot. Sure, this person might be slightly different, but they will have their own qualities. It might be better, it might be worse, it might be the same, or it might be different.

Celebrities are kinda different. Celebrities have massive followings with insane die hard fans. I don’t think anyone on Byte has that yet, and that is a key to how replaceable we all are really.

Honest answer: (with the exception of all the established Viners who are doing byte for fun) We’re all a bunch of nobodies on byte, which at this point is a ghost town of an app. As we’re all trying to figure out how to be entertaining in 6.5 (now 8) seconds, none of us are relevant (yet (assuming any of us become popular on the app)). Quite frankly, I wouldn’t miss anybody on byte, let alone yourself, because I’m still waiting to find entertaining stuff (on the comedy page)

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You haven’t found anything from the app funny? I get it if you don’t think I’m funny but there’s a lot of funny people on the app

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Eh, not really. There’s just a lot of lame and overused jokes IMO, not to mention a lot people wanna add unnecessary background music and sound effects to their bytes, which goes against the whole point of Vine and byte (that being the simplicity and ease of creating and posting byte-sized and entertaining videos (again, just to clarify, just on the comedy page. I know there’s an entire category for edits))

Wow, ok :roll_eyes:

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I like how honest you are. And I agree Ive only laughed at a byte less than 10 times. This is rare that I find something vine energy worthy. When it comes to comedy most people force the humour and add all sorts of sounds effects and visual effects. It’s like forcing a shit to come out but all you get is a painful hole in the end and it feels sore

Yes! We first spoke when we both did @AntinnyWorld’s green screen cat challenge waaay back during beta. I remember your video “would it even matter if I didn’t exist at all?” and I loved it.

Since then, I’ve always been excited to come across your videos. I’d be sad if you stopped posting. So please keep posting :neutral_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Weird way to put it, but I agree :+1::joy:

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Many apologies for not having the exact same sense of humor as you. I really mean it, too :roll_eyes:


I mean certain vines that’s like known and loved worldwide have sound effects and stuff, now if I people are reusing the same joke or if someone is using those same old vine sound effects I can understand your view. Beating a dead horse is never fun. But check out people like @mynameiskawena @RexTestarossa and others, also keep in mind that the app isn’t just comedy there’s a lot of other categories to enjoy. But in the end as you said it’s your opinion and I’m just stating mine for some reason lol thanks for your honest answer tho

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No worries I’m not leaving, and I’m glad you’d miss me lol