Home, Account, Discover, and Notifications Graphic Concepts

Hey again!
I’ve took some time and made updates to the concepts I made 2 days ago!
If you didn’t see that I recommend you read it before this one : https://community.byte.co/t/home-and-account-graphic-concepts/6987
So here I am again! Lets get into this!


The first one is your Home tab, basically it would feature your creators you’ve followed!

  • a DM icon in the top right corner
  • Then, a Settings icon in the top left!
  • Posts now have a dropdown!
  • Basically, it would have things like report post, DM user, share, etc.
  • Then, theres is a share button, great for easy access to share with a friend!
  • Thats new for the home page!


Next over on our bottom bar, is the Discovery page!
and Everyones favorite, Cat videos!
Also with a search bar atop the screen!


Next is our notifications tab!
Not anything fancy here, but all your notifications and follower feed in one place!


And last but not least! the Your Account tab! With Vee and likes tabs!

  • Featuring
  • Bio
  • Vee count
  • Link
  • View badges tab
    as well as showing your Vees thats you’ve created!
    Hope you have enjoyed this second round of concepts!

Sah dudes!


bumpin this creativeness

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Wow this is amazing

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i think this time round, v2 should have a feed like instagram where you u see the thumbnails of each video in rows of 3 as well as an individual video scroll down option.

A loop counter is also a must have

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