Hold Harassers Accountable, Keep Byte Safe (Thread)

Because there is no way to hold ToS breaking, hateful, harassing comments/replies (and ultimately the accounts they’re connected to) accountable on the app yet, let’s do it here. We can help staff find these accounts by naming and shaming them here for staff to easily see, with screenshots of the harasser’s name, profile picture, comment(s), and overall user profile for staff to then choose to strike, ban, etc.

Idk who the Byte staff are, but if we can get them to have notifications on for this thread and keep it on high priority, then at least this is something better than just block, but oh well, my harasser gets to keep harassing others without repercussion

Avoid conversation here.

Keep this as neat and tidy for the staff as possible by only posting your harasser(s)’ information for staff to review so they can warn, strike, and/or ban these people from our platform and help hate be checked. Let’s clean up Byte together!

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Harrasment on the app is not acceptable. These people must be held accountable. However name calling is not allowed according to forum rules. you can report the comment on app. if the issue is still not resolved you can mail byte regarding the issue they can resolve it.


There is no way to report comments on Byte. When you click on report, all it does is report the account, not the active comment itself.

Why would we not be able to hold users telling others to kill themselves, homophobic slurs, etc, accountable? This is not name calling. It’s accountability and it would help the staff see those awful comments since they can’t right now without that feature available to us.

I see your point, but this isn’t for petty “he said my hair was bad”. This is for racial slurs, sexual harassment, kys comments, blatant harassment to others, etc.

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Yeah what Aj said is right. Harassment is not allowed at all, but posting ss’s of the people who are harassing will just stir up more drama and potentially cause more harm than good so the best thing to do is to report them and if they do not stop, email hello@byte.co or direct message Cami (she’s part of the byte staff) about the account. I understand exposing these accounts and it makes sense at first to put them on blast here so that people can report them or know who to avoid, but it won’t do any good to send an army of people to attack a person even if they’ve said some awful things. I think it’s just best to just get rid of an account and/or a video they’ve made privately without anyone knowing that this toxic behavior happened in the first place


This wasn’t mean to be a thread to go in and gang up on other accounts and blast them, it was to curate information for y’all in the Byte Staff to help us help you make Byte safer, since we can’t report the issues on the app yet. Because right now, there are mountains of harassment and toxicity that are going unchecked, and it is really discouraging to see so much get lost because the only way to report them is by taking a lot of extra steps outside of the app that are TOTALLY unclear for users (after downloading the app they then somehow have to know to join this forum, happen to find this particular thread, and happen to then know who to email to report something).

It’s a lot of extra steps that punishes the victim by making them dig for a way to stay safe on Byte, which is not how the app should function for our community that we want to protect. It’s counter intuitive, and I want to see us thrive, not shrivel amognst all the hate and awful things happening in comments right now.

That said, I respect the forum’s rule and will not post things here myself or have others do so. I’m not sure how to disable comments on a thread after this one.

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i know it sucks. there were some hate comments when tiktokers joined. so i created a thread. kind of similar to what u mentioned. but people kept mentioning users . so it was closed

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I completely understand and I want byte to be a safe place as well. If you ever want to dm me or other moderators here about potentially harmful accounts, we can do our best to report them and try to tell some higher up people about this! But like I said, best way to get these people and/or their videos off the app is to message the staff directly and to report (I think there may be an issue on certain phones where reporting accounts isn’t available yet unfortunately).

Just to make sure, would you like me to close the topic? That will disable more comments from being posted here

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Is there a list somewhere you can direct me to that has the list of all the Byte staff members? And would DMs be preferred on here, discord? I want to know the best place to ring y’all for accounts and comments that cross the line to far.

I’m glad y’all want to keep it as safe as we do. There is a lotta crap on it right now and we’re doing our best to wade through it, but hopefully this will be made easier in Byte’s newest update with a “report specific comment(s) and why” feature prays to software development gods

We can shut it down after I get the list so I can keep it tucked away for the future. :slight_smile:

Also thank you AJ and Benf for the mature and productive discussion


Of course!! I completely understand your reasoning for wanting to alert users about harmful accounts on the forums as I used to be the same way, but I’ve come to realize that privately messaging the staff is just much better for my mentality than to be involved in a huge toxic mess. I will make a list right now of all the mods for you that you can message by clicking the message button on their profiles!
Mods you can contact:
Dm’s are probably better here only because you can message us right away if there is an issue, but I have a discord account that you can message me on as well! My tag is Benny#7171 :call_me_hand: I’m also hoping that feature gets implemented and I have a feeling that it will down the road :pray:


Thank you so much! This is a useful list. :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate you and the Byte team as a whole for all y’all do to try and keep us safe with what you have!

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Of course!! Gonna close topic as requested from the op

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