Hive Social

For people jus downloading it, how y’all feel bout it? :eyes:

For me it gives initial byte vibes so I’m keeping it :smirk_cat:


Hive is not available on Android according to social media users

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what is hive

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Hive is similar to Instagram

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Bro how is it number one in social media with only 18 reviews?


Instagram Lite


tbh looks like a low effort instagram clone thats going to be forgotten in next 2 months

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It seems like an Instagram Twitter combo

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It honestly reminds me of peach

Idk, I’m skeptical about this platform that I’ve been trying to examine there privacy policies. We’ll see whether that becomes the next alternative to Instagram in the future. :rocket::rocket:

Hive has the most disgusting UI I’ve ever seen in a modern app. And I’ve used triller.

People are speculating that “Malfabone” is a lead design of Hive after the app went viral.

Would be nice if it worked


It’s going through some major growing pains ATM.
I think around 300M requests. Kind of what Vero went through TBH.

  • I :heartpulse: the category/subcategories setup.
    If you remember the channel moderation days of byte, this is pretty much exactly what I wanted to see.

You have the big broad categories, and then specific sub categories.

Ex. Art - digitalart -fanart -sketch etc.

More importantly, you can use hashtags to put your stuff in multiple categories. This is great, b/c most of my stuff falls under multiple categories and I always was hesitant picking the “right” category.

There is a strictly graphical tab, and a text/gif tab (looks like a :ghost:)for each category. So you can look at art or just BS in a category.

  • the music ala MySpace on your profile.
    :man_shrugging: what. I like having my personal theme song. :joy:

  • chronological feed
    Posts show up in order on your feed. No algorithm just when they posted. Rumors of a close friends/besties feature so you can have a bunch of stuff in your feed, but make sure you see the stuff you really want too.

  • hashtags seem to actually do what they are supposed to.

  • it is getting :hammer: soooo bad right now.
    Slow, freezes, and not sure if everything is working right. From ~12AM til 6AM it’s pretty cool though. (That’s when the Google Cloud Server resets)

-no walkthrough or intro to WTF anything does. A lot of trial by screwup ATM.

-Profile I like the header, but it’s not WYSIWYG. It crops from what you see to something else.

-not sure if I actually got my user name or not? I tried signing up, never got any sort of confirmation email so :man_shrugging:

Overall, it’s a pretty solid MVP and it sounds like they have a ton more features they have designed and are going to roll out as it gets stable.

I’m already getting better interaction than I do on IG since I refuse to buy ads :laughing:


I’ve seen enough unwanted stuff on it now that I want to delete my account but there’s no option for that