History/classics channel


I myself am a very big fan of greek mythology and such and as we all know it was also a thing on tiktok, however since byte is still growing i haven’t really seen the classics community build up yet.
So, my question is, If i suggested a new Classics channel to be made would anyone actually join? reply if u would so i know im not the only one who wants this thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :ohno:

A channel discussing mythology is fine. Although more history can be a good thing, I would not like to see a history channel on byte for a few reasons.

  1. History is often far more complicated than a 16 second video would allow for an adequate explanation. This will lead to misinterpretation and inaccuracy. Moreover, it will be spread rapidly, depending on the entertainment value of the post.

  2. The lack of citation and provenance will reduce the value of the proposed historical posts.

These two things should always be handled with extreme care when dealing with history presentation. It could be improved with some kind of review before the posts, however.

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Idk if that would be added but education is on its way so id suggest maybe trying to fit greek mythology into that channel. :sunglasses::ok_hand: