Hiding the likes in the comment section

One of my favorite things about byte is how I can hold the screen for the comments to pop up. I don’t like how the likes are public when you swipe to the left though. I wish it would just show the amount of likes but maybe only the creator can see who liked it? This area feels like wasted space to me because not a lot of people are going to scroll down a list of 1,000 usernames of who liked a video. I wish this area would look something like this instead:

  1. Rebytes = TikTok Duets
    I think rebytes should be the equivalent of TikTok duets. when a person rebytes, they can choose to just reshare the video with their followers or they can duet it and add to the content in the way you can on TikTok.

  2. Share to your DMs
    Under rebytes, you have quick access to share the video with your mutuals, which is another feature I hope Byte considers in the future.

  3. More options
    This is where you can find rebyte, share, save… and maybe in the future, the option to favorite byte, tell the algorithm that you aren’t interested in that type of video, etc.

Lastly, I want to say how much I appreciate the team behind Byte. I know they are working very hard to make Byte the best experience for us and there’s a lot of feature requests for the app. Thank you for your hard work and listening to us :heart::heart: :heart:


love the ideas especially 2 & 3. but 1, i’m eh about it… wanna know what the community thinks of it; not opposed to it wanna hear more inputs!

overall, these are unique ideas :small_red_triangle:


I really like the way it looks, I personally don’t see myself duetting many bytes- but I can’t know my opinion for sure until that feature is actually implemented.

I WOULD however love a bookmark section for favourite bytes that I can find more easily


I agree that the like section is kinda useless. Having sharing features that easy to access would be top shelf


Honestly, as a community we have used the likes section to police ourselves. Like when people would like a pedophilic or racist joke, we could see who had given it likes.

Duets shouldn’t be implemented imo, but if they ever are, they should be their own feature. Rebytes are a way of getting your content shared as a creator, but maybe you don’t want other people using your video in any way. You should have control over that, without loosing the chance to have your content spread-

Points 2 and 3 look great, and I wouldn’t change anything in that. Of course, DMs would have to come first, so that they have somewhere to show up if you share them with one person.

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I definitely think that the creator should have control on whether people can duet, comment, or use the sound of the video. When someone is about to post and even after, they should be able to change their video’s settings to prevent harassment. They should also be able to private the video so only followers see it or only themselves.

But overall I really miss seeing duets on my tiktok feed. There’s a lot of funny and creative ways I’ve seen it be used on there.

To clarify, I think it makes sense to group rebytes with duets because: A rebyte is like a retweet, and on Twitter you can choose to retweet the original tweet, or you can retweet with a comment. On byte, you should be able to rebyte the original video, or rebyte with a video response. I also think that if sounds are to be a feature, if you use someone’s sound, that should be considered a rebyte.

So that would make it three options of how you can rebyte someones video:

  1. original - just shares the original video like it currently functions.
  2. sound - just use the sound from the video.
  3. video duet - sound + video (person can edit the audio level of the original video)

This is a great idea for that panel! +1

Some people are against anything similar to TikTok, but if a duet-like feature came to Byte, I’d use it and allow my videos to be used for duets. I’ve done a few of these myself on TikTok, they can be really fun. They are actually a far more creative way to share another creators work. A rebyte is very passive, but a duet is interactive, but has the same effect of sharing it with your entire following while adding your own twist.

The upper/lower half duets currently popular on TikTok are hilarious…