Hi it's me again with an feature request for your mix

I know I’ve been posting feature requests almost every day for the last week, but hear me out, I’ve been using your a lot mix lately, sometimes I forgot who I have and have not followed, It’d be cool to see a follow button somewhere on the mix page maybe on the right of the heart button or right after the user name. It could be plus & a check mark if you follow them or not.

OR i’ve noticed when I like someone’s video who I’m not familiar with a couple more of their videos pop up, after a couple, I could see a “youve been liking a lot of this creators posts would you like to follow them”!

Just spitballing. I know I can click their profile to see but sometimes I just want to click follow and keep scrolling and check them out later. Other than that been loving the your mix page!


Those features actually sound really good! Would love to seem em come.


these are some brilliant ideas, particularly this one:


Hopefully this helps :eyes: dom finna pull through again :woozy_face:


Dom always pulls thru in the end like the legend he is, but I’d like an inline one.

To be fair I guess when I search for videos I’m looking for creators to follow vs vids to like I guess.

Also a for your consideration tab would be great, I feel like ‘tucking’ rebytes in there would be cripsy LOL, sometimes I just want to only see the people I follow…


Inline follow can’t come soon enough. Probably my most anticipated feature

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These are actually really good ideas! I would love to see how this would look now!