Hi, I'm Ague (hyposent)

So I’ve not actually introduced myself to this community yet. I’ve made an off topic question (What's your favorite time of the day, and why?) but never actually introduced myself.

This will mainly be for my Featured Topic on my profile. You’re still more than happy to look along. It’s a really long topic though ;p


Hey, I’m Ague (Hyposent)! I joined Byte on July 27(ish), 2020. I run a team profile on Byte (@ague, we’ve not been given the badge yet) where my members feature funny videos/clips that others submit to us (via our website) and that we go out and ask to use.

Ague (@ague) is a Team Managed account that is ran by Hyposent.

We have taken funny videos/clips to the next level. All videos/clips are credited and compensated accordingly.


I originally started on TikTok without a team, just re-posting content with the authors permission. I then decided to get a team so I wouldn’t be the only one that posted clips and reviewed clips (at the time there were more than 10 a day coming in). Right when my team was actually getting somewhere, TikTok permanently suspends my account without reason. In fact, I still don’t know the reason to this day. I tried to regain my following by doing the same stuff but it failed. After that failed, I learned about Byte. Once I learned about Byte, I decided to try re-posting content. And to my surprise, it actually went somewhat well. So I brought my team from TikTok over to Byte and we now have a couple (~5) per hour. IMHO, that’s not a lot. But I don’t do this for fame, I do it to make others laugh.

About Submitting

We didn’t actually have a website to submit clips before Byte. We used a google forms for submissions and people got really skeptical and stuff. I understand why they would get skeptical and I never really thought at the time to create a website. Once we started getting somewhere with Byte, there was some questions on how to actually get content from their page to ours. I gave them a google form till I decided one day to just get a website so there would be no confusion on who we are and where to submit (I basically mean that my team about page and clip submission will be on the same site so they can view who we are and then submit). I started looking on how to buy a domain (i had scripting knowledge but never actually worried about the domain part) and found a cheap domain I could use and decided to buy it. When I say cheap, I mean cheap. $1.17 total (per year). Once I got the website I instantly went to coding it and made it so users could submit their clips with proper credit to any social media they want (tiktok, byte, ig, etc… .).


Well, that’s the end of this. I may add on to this in the morning (it’s 4 am) but for now that’s all. You may’ve not even read it but if you did and have questions, feel free to ask. You can also check out the clips we submit on our Byte. You can also check our our website to see all the members of our team. I hope to be all of your friends :slight_smile:


hi buddy, I’m Neefy, nice to meet ya



hyposent.xyz is from a template or did you do it yourself? Because I really like the design

it’s from an online template, but i’ve spent countless hours changing a lot of stuff around. just the landing page was a template.

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ok thank youu