Hi friends! I made a blog

Check it out here!! :blush:

I decided to start a blog! I only have 2 blog posts as of now but I’m planning on adding many more!!! I’m new to the whole thing so any constructive criticism is welcome!!


Good luck with the Blog!

Looking good :slight_smile:

Very nice color scheme :+1:

Hey Parkachu, I know that this post is 2 years old, but I have some questions. Can you help me to learn how to use WordPress? I want to learn more about it and i saw that your blog looks really good. I like the way how you made it. I have saw some tutorials online but I didn’t understood a good thing from them. I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I want to open my own store, it will be a multivendor store. I have found online some multivendor marketplace wordpress theme that look really good and I want to make or use one of them. I just love the way how they look.