Hi... bye (20char)


ok, i’m going to miss this a lot. the true sadness and loss is only just hitting me now.
this forum was such a huge part of my life for a long time and so many memories were made, both good and bad. it became a habit to check this everyday and spend hours on here at a time😂 i’ll definitely never forget this place and the memories.

honestly wish this could stay and that things with byte and the byte team were the same as they were. i hope byte stays as byte (the one we know and love) and succeeds in the way we all hope it does. it deserves it!
the app and community has so much potential, it’s already so different from the competitors, and there is a lot of unique, talented creators, we can only wait for people to see that. i really wish the best for this app and the community :pray:

i’m hoping to find my creativity, drive and passion again and make more content on the app eventually. i’m in the middle of dealing with personal stuff and my mental health

thank you dom and the og team for everything you done to make byte even exist and the opportunities you have given people! :blue_heart:

good luck to everyone! :grin:

also rip to this guy never being able to come back on december 4th 3018 :broken_heart: LOL

ahh khalyd…good times…good times

pls make the forums archived pls


Lol khalyd and stanloona missin those 2 every day :cry:


bruh i think i was the one who set that date :joy: :joy: :joy:

Thanks sho. Hope you get back to better and can live the life you want to. Take it day by day.

Much love. :green_heart:


LOL hjdfskf, very iconic

& that’s so kind, thanks so much!! :blue_heart:


Reading everyone’s posts are bringing so many memories back :sob:


ok so as the day is almost over for me, i’m getting more upset😫 i can’t actually believe this is going for good. i really, stupidly felt like it would be here forever. this place was like a home. when i wake up in the morning it’ll be gone and i don’t know how to feel about that. a piece of me will feel empty, man. i should have learnt by now that things i enjoy always come to an end.

the forum was the backbone of the community and app development :broken_heart: