Hey you, yea you!

I would like to get to know you :smile:, this community is steadily growing and changing so I’d like to get to know the newbies and even the OG’s of byte. So why don’t you say your name, age, some interests, pet peeves, and tell us why you decided to become byter.

I’ll start

I’m Corbyn (known by many nicknames so call me whatever), I’m 22, I love anime, video games (currently addicted to animal crossing lol), photography, lofi music, anything comedy tbh, and uhhhh oh yea! Starwars sci-fi and super hero type stuff. Pet peeve is seeing someone get mistreated, junk burns me up lol, also hate willful ignorance.

And the reason I came is to pursue a career I always wanted, no one remembers me from vine and that’s okay lol, I’ve literally have only 2 people recognize me but that was years ago. But with byte I feel like this is my chance, I can do anything, I’m fully equipped to do manual labor or a simple job. But instead I’d rather try to bring happiness to people, I wanna make my living by making smiles and laughter and maybe even tears of joy. And I have other dreams as well, and I believe byte will help me accomplish all of that. So I’m not giving up on it. I’m gonna be working hard for a long time but I’ll be able to say I made it one day soon enough


Hey, it brings me no joy to do this, but…