Hey sisterss just posted a yt video (feedback?)

I was wondering if you could give me some harsh feedback, maybe on my editing style? Thanks!

James Charles CAN’T say this!


i honestly LOVED this video. just subscribed.

and btw the struggle is real :pensive:


I really liked the video!


lmaoo true, thanksss.

Do you think I could have done anything better or differently?

omg i loved this! :joy: i can see a lot of effort was made. just subbed to you :+1:t2:

At 2:38 when you called your friends maybe you could have done a screen capture with your phone instead (of course censoring peoples personal info) had a small version of you call your friends, while having a dancing emoji. Otherwise, this video was perfect the beginning made for a nice intro from your home to outside. Definitely want to see more editing like this

Maybe next time you should add some background music

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Glad to see you started a new youtube channel. We were worried about you for a second.

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