Hey, just a PSA, but no matter where you live, take the quarantine seriously

Ok. I’m going to be alarmist and say some worrisome things here, but I want to pad that by letting know that in the long run, things will be fine. Not because things aren’t going to get really bad, but because we’re strong people and we can survive.

I’m in the middle of New York. We’re still weeks away from the apex, and last night we had more 911 calls than on September 11th terrorist attacks. Last night I couldn’t sleep because there was ambulance sirens non-stop the entire night. NYC is the epicenter of Corona in America, so what happens here can and will be happening to your community shortly afterwards. This isn’t something that’s happening in the news or on the TV screen, this is something that is happening to America and it is a thing that is happening to you.

My family lives in Florida, where there is minimal testing and the governor is being really slow in establishing a quarantine or taking this seriously, and I think that is affecting how people perceive the virus…like it’s a thing happening “over there.” I talked to my mom last night, and her interpretation of “social distancing” is going to a bar and just keeping to themselves, and I had to explain to her that that is not how things work.

A lot of people think because that they don’t have positive tests in their community that they don’t have Corona in their community, that it hasn’t arrived to them yet and it might never arrive and that all these safety measures are things to worry about…later. That’s not how things work. Very likely, the reason that nobody has tested positive for Corona in your community is because nobody in your community is testing for Corona. You should make the assumption that Corona is already in your community and take precautions to protect your community. You honestly should make the assumption that you have Corona and are asymptomatic that you can possibly be spreading it to others.

Sometimes it’s hard - in New York we’re lucky because everything is shut down right now so there’s not a reason to go outside besides the bare essentials. My brother isn’t so lucky, he’s in Florida and he’s forced to work - he tried remote working for his office, but his bosses forced him to come back.

Just try to do what you can do and understand that by respecting what our doctors are telling us. Think of it like this; by self-quarantining, by hiding in your house and binging Netflix like a slob, you are a hero. You’re saving lives. The lives of someone’s grandma. The life of a school principal who recently recovered from cancer. Years from now, you’ll be able to look back at this really difficult time in history and be proud that you did the right thing.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that before an epidemic, everything looks like an overreaction and after an epidemic, everything looks like it wasn’t enough.

Take care, and respect what our doctors are telling us. Wash your hands, keep 6 feet apart, stay away from crowds. Your community’s hospitals will soon be swamped and over-taxed, so be mindful of simple domestic behaviors that you do that can risk hospital visits, like climbing ladders. And don’t leave the house unless you have to.


I agree wholeheartedly. A small Georgia area is now having an outbreak because an out of towner attended a funeral.

If you stop the spread you are saving health care workers lives. We’re starting to see medical staff die from the infection. All of the important medical people I know, like a cancer expert, or rare surgeon, are over 50 and have health issues. Exactly the people we don’t want to lose and who are high risk as it is.

The community has to take it seriously and start to pitch in. Gear is running out. If your local hospital takes masks or other gear you can make at home do it!


Yeah its good to be cautious more should take it seriously and be safe wherever they are. Im not in quarantine but its interesting to see with how regions all over deal with it. Props to some federal government in the US for doing their best to try and prevent it. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


We’ve been pretty much on lockdown for 3 weeks today.

I’ve been watching this since I heard some rumors back in January. I remember seeing that they shut down the Disney Parks in Asia and knowing it was bad.

It’s probably going to get worse.

Having been through riots, fires, earthquakes, and major hurricanes?

Don’t worry so much about the politicians. Both sides have, are, and will screw stuff up.

Focus on you, your friends, and family. Then your neighborhood and then your local community.
Do what you can to help (stay home and wash your hands)

Be appreciative of the hard work and sacrifices everyone is making.

We have better technology, medicine, and more knowledge than at any point in human history.

I’ve seen what happens when society falls apart. And when everyone comes together, puts aside everything and helps each other.

The former is easy and there’s always an excuse, but the latter is what can change the world for the better.



Yeah I’m from Georgia and the 2 hotspots are Atlanta and that spot in south Georgia that started with that cluster. I live 30 minutes outside of Atlanta and we “only” have 19 cases and 2 deaths so far in my county, but those 2 deaths speak a lot louder than the number of cases reported because those numbers are more accurate. Georgia is like 6th in the nation for the most deaths right now, but closer to 11th when it comes to total cases because of how slow our testing has been. Luckily our governor isn’t as bad as some (Missouri), but he’s still not making the move to fully lockdown the state and hoping Georgians will just “do what’s right”. But in a state that Trump won in 2016 and with his rhetoric rn about how we shouldn’t panic and that we might open up by Easter? And Fox News and their rhetoric. Plenty of his supporters aren’t treating this with the severity it deserves. I also saw a stat the other day that about a FIFTH of religious Americans are STILL going to worship services in person and I wish I could say I didnt believe it, but I know of several in Georgia that fit that bill. Luckily my city has mandated all churches close. But more rural areas think they’re fine or that it’s something that is a NYC or city thing, but the hot spot in south Georgia should prove to people that no one is off limits. Atlanta has a shelter-in-place order and so do a few cities, but it’s pointless if the whole state (and country) isn’t unified. I fear (and know) we will all look back on this and wonder how many lives we could have saved if Trump had done the right thing and instituted a nationwide lockdown. It’s projected that for a really low estimate that around 20% of Americans will get coronavirus this year. NYC is all but guaranteed to have HALF of it’s citizens get it. Same with California. And our response as a country has sucked so far. The fact that NYC and New York are adding tens of thousands of cases a day and seeing how overwhelmed their hospitals already are and then hearing they’re still WEEKS away from their apex? I’m terrified.


Yeah the FL governor is being a real dummy

Everything you are stating is a valid point. You are not being an alarmist. I personally feel I have to inform people everyday cause they either don’t believe or are not taking it seriously.
You need to document and post, your choice of media, the events that you are witnessing. We live in a unique time when we can share videos/news to help inform the public of things they may not have access to.
I have a good friend in Rome who has been social media reporting of the events and quarantine.
Different perspectives from the mainstream media have to be produced and presented.