Hey im ruff! i like the office

apparently this is the new trend on here so i guess ill give in to peer pressure and do it too.

hey! im ruff. im 17 and from mississippi, usa :cowboy_hat_face:

i’ve known about v2/byte since probably almost the beginning, but i just found out about the forum the other day. so im new. i did just join to learn stuff about byte but ive found this awesome little community with abunch of amazing friends. im planning on making funny comedy bytes to make people laugh and make their day better. after i get a little following growing im going to start making youtube videos too.

here’s some facts about me so you can get to know me better:
i do competitive archery (eventually i wanna turn pro and make it to the olympics)
some of my favorite youtubers are pewdiepie, mr beast, kurtis conner, steph inc, chris bee, the try guys … and prob some more.

i like music. im into all genres but two of my favs are rap and country. my favorite artists include macklemore, post malone, luke combs, migos, drake, flyrich double

other things im into: art, photography,

my aesthetic includes typing in all lowercase, drinking iced coffee, and wearing a hoodie and all-black vans. (im such a quirky relatable teen lmao :crazy_face: )

p.s. sorry this thing is so long. if you read till here, then here have a :carrot:


Hey Ruff! U seem like a kewl person welcome :smile: the title of this…10/10 :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: the office is the best


Welcome Ruff! Nice to meet ya


Welcome! Guess I get a carrot

You must be the biggest Old Town Road fan looking at your fav genres…

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Welcome Ruff! I too like the office

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I’m Alex nice to meet ya

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Nice to meet you ruff :sunglasses:

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Welcome Ruff!

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