Hey everyone! I'm a newbie from TikTok that makes life hacks/productivity tips

As the title says, I’m a transfer from TikTok (@ajay.dave.35). I was excited to see a platform that emphasizes positivity and aesthetics. I generally focus on productivity/life hacks, but I’ll sprinkle in some humor as well.

I post infographics/more detailed info on my blog (happtivity.co) and my insta: @ajay_dave1. I’m also on twitter and pinterest w/ very similar content (@ajay_dave1 for both). I’m kinda new to social media, having made all of these accounts (save my LinkedIn, lol) just a month or so ago. I’m trying to promote my non-profit, so I would really appreciate if you could check me out! My most recent project was creating an inmate education program, but I’ve got other stuff coming down the line too!

Take care!


Welcome :love_you_gesture:t4::star2:

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Welcome to the party :tada: